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Born out of the heart of Silicon Valley, Cryptonite is a global, invitation-only community of crypto entrepreneurs, investors, and key influencers leading the blockchain revolution. The decentralizing and liberating power of the blockchain will ultimately upend major industries, inspire developing nations, transform popular culture, and create huge new economic opportunities. Cryptonite fosters the revolution by gathering the brightest minds and craftiest entrepreneurs at exclusive events and online forums to engage in cutting-edge debate, exchange technology and business advice, join forces and make great things happen!


Meet your crypto peers, build a global reputation and make great things happen!

The more members connect and share insider knowledge, collaborate and create successful outcomes, the more rewarding the community will be. Cryptonite introduces its members through highly interactive salons, labs, and cultural pop-ups at inspirational venues in the San Francisco Bay Area and crypto centers around the world. In May of 2018, Cryptonite is launching its Cryptonite World Tour—‘Where investors meet the top crypto companies on the planet’ in San Francisco—with future stops planned in Zurich, Singapore and Dubai. Members also may connect and collaborate with each other in the Cryptonite Telegram chat and Alchemist social network groups.

The third wave of the Internet—Driven by AI, blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Entrepreneurs have come to Silicon Valley from all over the world to turn their ideas into gold. Many of their dreams now power the globe including PCs, smartphones, robots, and electric vehicles. The third wave of the Internet is driven by global entrepreneurs pushing the edges of AI, blockchain and the cryptocurrency boom. Steve Jobs observed, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Cryptonite keeps the Silicon Valley revolutionary spirit alive by gathering and connecting the crypto entrepreneurs and investors driving the third wave the globe over.

Cryptonite’s Founding Partners are leading technology companies, investment and professional service firms, government agencies, as well as top consumer and media brands. Our Partners are the champions of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and companies driving innovation.


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