The Cryptonite [Expert Network] is an advisory service network developed for the benefit of the Cryptonite global community. The  Expert Network’s primary mission is to assist top private companies become “Category Leaders” by connecting them with proven enterprise builders, technology and cryptocurrency experts from all over the planet to advise and consult them in the areas critical for their success.

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The Cryptonite Experts

The Expert Network’s carefully qualified and proven global network of industry experts can provide a variety of support services including: blockchain technology consulting and development, fundraising, strategic partnering, brand and market positioning, go-to-market strategy, social and influencer marketing, sales team development, corporate innovation, team building and recruiting, business modeling and financial forecasting, corporate law, patent and trademark review and registration, accounting and tax. The Expert Network‘s experts work with their clients to provide such services on a contacted, as needed basis. The Expert Network’s experts are distinguished by their experience of working in the highly disruptive world of technology and innovation.

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Private Company Clients

The Expert Network private company clients are seed/pre-ICO to established technology companies operating in the global Silicon Valley. Participating companies are minimally backed by a proven industry mentors and angels.

Match Your Company with a Cryptonite Expert


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[Labs] participants and their founding team members enjoy exclusive invitations to maintain their relationship with the Cryptonite Community all year around through a Cryptonite annual membership. Each team member enjoys full benefits as outlined on the membership benefits page.
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